A Collection is a selection of cards of Organizations, Persons or Projects that can be composed based on the content of almost all fields.

Collections give you a “real-time” insight into the status of a certain part of the relation database.

A saved Collection is dynamic

A Collection is a dynamic selection. Dynamic means that new or changed cards that meet the criteria are included in the relevant Collection. Once a Collection has been created and saved, it can be activated with 2 mouse clicks via the Treeview. A Collection is shown in a so-called Listview.

Where can you find saved Collections?

Collections can be found in the Treeview on the left side of your screen. See the example below.

You can create collections of

  • your A customers, B customers and / or C customers
  • or your suspects and / or Prospects
  • but also of Prospects with a score percentage of over 40%
  • etc. etc.

In version 6.2 (build 6705) it is made that the activity (the subject) of an Hour card is automatically filled with the first 30 characters from the description.