How do I make a Selection?

How can I select Persons or Organizations?

Via the ‘Selection button’ or the F4 key you create a Selection. The Selection button is located in the toolbar at the top of the Organization and Person map view.

Knoppenbalk Selecteren

There you select the Organizations (or Persons) you want to select. You do this in this screen by entering the correct criteria. You can adjust the columns you search for via the “Advanced” of “Geavanceerd” button.

Geavanceerd Selecteren

In Alexion CRM you can make advanced selectionsNow you can search and select the Organizations. You will be asked what to do with the current Selection. You press the top ‘Deselect current Selection’ which will start a whole new Selection.

You can also select the Organizations via the List view. You must press the square in front of the company name.


You can of course also combine these two ways of Selecting

  • first via the Search screen
  • then check / uncheck the exception

TIP: shortcut

You can directly select a specific field (for example: email). You click on the relevant (email) field and enter the combination: Shift + F4, which is Selecting the “clicked” field.