On how many PCs may I install CRM?

You may install Alexion CRM on an unlimited number of PCs. In addition, you may create an unlimited number of Users within the program.

The number of users who use the program (simultaneously) is checked before use. You need a license for every simultaneous User.


We have 3 permanent employees and 1 part-time accountant. In addition, we have a number of external parties.

We have created an User in Alexion CRM for all these employees. You can do that at the top in the Tree view.

1 of the 3 permanent employees uses the program continuously (me), another regularly (he performs custom work for customers and then starts Alexion CRM to call them for example) and the other programmer uses the program rarely as he is continuously programming/developing the motor of the program. 2 licenses for these users are sufficient.

1 license for the other 2-3 employees is sufficient

So, in total we need 3 (simultaneous) licenses. Possibly a 4th license in busy times, but you can also log out a logged in User if you try to log in and the number of licenses has been reached…