Online support

To prevent you spend your valuable time and effort in figuring out Alexion CRM, Alexion Software offers an “online support department”. We will help you quickly and effectively.

Once our online connection is realized, the solution is usually found within a few minutes. You can watch your screen. The online support employee will explain what he does and you will be able to do it yourself next time.

How will I benefit from it?

Custom advice and support. You will save time and money. More time for more important issues

How much does it cost?

Standard support: free, if you have a subscription. € 1,25 per minute for other activities.
You will receive the invoice by e-mail.

What can the employee do?

Install Alexion CRM, provide user information, solve problems and give advice.

The best service

You are best helped if you make use of the latest version of Alexion CRM. If your license has expired, you can find information on our website to update Alexion CRM quickly and easily.