The affordable crm-system for small entrepreneurs

A relationship management system for starters, self-employed professionals, freelancers, associations and foundations. With the Alexion Basic CRM-system you will save a lot of time and get more out of your relationship- and customer database.

Crm-solutions for starting self-employed professional and entrepreneur

The Basic CRM has the essential functions a CRM-package should have and is therefore perfect for those who start up relationship management. The Basic CRM-package in short:

  • Manage an unlimited amount of organizations, contact persons and relevant notes, actions and tags
  • Easily create collections, projects, notes, tasks and documents
  • Inclusive of templates in Word and Excel
  • Time registration

CRM in practice

You can store a lot of information, thanks to tags. You can also create projects with relevant documents, organisations and contact persons. Thanks to the integrated Dutch zip code directory address data are automatically completed. The advanced search system enables you to quickly find all required customer data.

Does your company grow?

The Basic CRM-package can easily be extended with more user licenses or to an advanced version such as Business CRM. This includes amongst others extra integrations with for example Outlook and VoIP-telephony.

A CRM-package for only 100 Euros per license per year

Inclusive of support and automatic updates (after all, we continuously innovate and develop).